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I regularly use 3 pc's: two dell desktop pc's and one laptop pc
I have 2 arduino nanos (328P). Both work on my laptop & neither will work on my desktop pc's (tested with normal Blink sketch)
I also have a arduino uno. It works well with all 3 pc's

1) I wonder if it matters if the IDE version matters Desktop is 1.8.5 Laptop is 1.8.9
2) Are there considerations in updating the IDE version eg old sketches not working

This is my first post - I hope that I have posted it properly - rsvp if I should be at fault
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thanks for your response but I must inquire to
1) why update a nano that works ok (at least on the laptop)
2) does the IDE version matter?
The blink program in the latest versions is generic. It doesn't identify the pin connected to the LED (13 on the Nano) because it is for many more different modules now. You have to change the pin assignment in the blink.ino from "LED_BUILTIN" to "13".
All newer versions work with both versions of the ATmega328P bootloader but you have to select the version in the processor setup.
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