Arduino Nano 33 iot won’t connect to the Arduino cloud

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Hi all,

I have been using my Nano 33 iot on the Arduino cloud over the last few days with no issues. Now, all of a sudden it won’t work. Firstly, it won’t connect although my device manager on my computer recognises it. On the cloud platform it keeps saying the device is offline. When I go to upload a sketch, it takes ages and then just says it can’t find a device at COM15, or whatever COM port my device is connected to. When I restart the board and upload a sketch, the sketch uploads successfully but it still says that the board is offline. It also won’t read any data from the serial monitor, I keep getting an error saying “Serial port is unavailable”.

This is extremely frustrating as it was working all along and now all of a sudden it just stops. I had the same issue with an ESP-32 also. And before anyone asks, I have tried deleting the device and re-adding it but I keep getting the same errors.

Does anyone know how to fix this or simply know what’s going on? I feel like a chump because I also just upgraded my plan and now it won’t work so I feel like I just wasted my money.

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