Appliances that lack protection

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At one time an electric stove's or range's had a whole row of fuses to protect just about all power devices on the unit.
For a while I have noticed when called on by friends or relatives to repair devices such such as these that there is no longer any individual protection in these units apart from the 30amp service breaker in the panel.
The result is that the weakest link carries the brunt of any element failure etc, and this link usually being a $2.00 PCCT relay on the control board, who's replacement cost is typically >$200.00 to the unsuspecting!!
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I had no idea a range had fuses.

It's a shame that manufacturers gouge their customers like that on replacement parts.


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I can't remember the make or model, but I remember an article I read where a washing machine that cost £150.00 new, was checked for the cost of replacement parts like the motor, controller, drum, pump, hoses etc. and when added up came to over £400.00 and that did not include things like the casing, door, and other cosmetic parts.


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Apparently manufacturers don't mind making things hard on some unlucky consumers somewhere down the road for the sake of a slight reduction in product cost. Wonder whether in the big picture there is any net savings at all.