Anyone know where to get this?

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Hello, anyone know a good place to get 1nF 4Kv ceramic capacitors without having a buy a lot of them or be really expensive. It seems everywhere i look you have to buy 100 of them or they are 3 times the price. Thanks in advanced!


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The way to save money on electronic parts is to pool as many orders as possible to minimize freight charges. If I've done the labor to identify a cheap, general purpose part I want and where to find it, there's no way I order just one. Need a 555? Get five. It kills me to spend $5 on shipping just to get a $1 part.

Your part is over $1, so I'd have to be more thoughtful about whether I might ever need another one. But maybe there are some resistors, caps, or diodes you could use to stock your drawers? LEDs?

Oh, and Mouser and Newark are the other two places I look. Amazon and eBay are worth a look, but beware of too-good-to-be-true. Lots of junk out there.


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And the biggest price break percentage wise is usually between 1 and 10. I buy quantity 10 of a lot of stuff. In the above example, it's a 21% discount. Often, it is even more.