Anybody knows the meaning of this symbol?

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Hello dear colleagues,

I'm dobious about the meaning of this symbol in a schematic (Arduino Mega schematic). Anybody can help me?? Thanks in advance.



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Looks like others chimed in but its generally called a Solder Jumper or Solder Bridge. Its not super common on user friendly electronics, though like you said the Arduino mentions it. Where you see it more often is consumer electronics where one board is used in multiple products. An example off the top of my head was a battery recharger. The company made three versions of a battery charger, one for gel batteries, one of lead acid, and one of AGM. They sold them as three separate products. On the board there were three solder jumpers, and depending on which one they soldered it enabled one of three pins on the microcontroller which then went on to define the charging pattern and what parameters of code to use.

You'll also see it on some dev boards to switch between powering the board with an external power supply vs. USB power supply. Its much easier to have male headers and a jumper, or a switch, but none the less sometimes this is what you get.