Any help would be much appreciated guys, thanks in advance, Surround Sound component missing.

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Howdy folks,
Looking for a bit of help locating and installing a possible missing surround sound component from a DAC I ordered from China.
I can't post links but if you jump on the uk amazon, and search for "5.1 audio decoder hdmi" the second one is what i ordered and the first one is the one I got.
Which was a unit that can only output to stereo. The switch on the front only had 2 positions instead of 3. pass/2.0, and the one i ordered was supposed to have pass/2.0/5.1 (Why they'd design something that has 6 physical audio outputs that can only output to a max of 2 of them is a bit silly, but alas, it is what it is).
I've already gotten a refund, and due to the language barrier and a fundamental misunderstanding of what i needed, they've kinda cut off contact, so coz of that i dont really want to be wasting my time ordering another one, to arrive at the same problem again
So, onto the nitty gritty, I opened it up and had a look. And it's a poorly put together piece of equipment, solder joints are... not good. Definitely done by hand... and badly in some cases. Anyways, electronically it all works, aside from the output to stereo problem. And to my surprise the switch on the front, was actually in fact a 3 position switch, but the third position leg was cut off, so I decided to desolder the switch altogether, (I'm never going to use pass or 2.0) and bridge the connection at the 3rd position, hoping that would solve my problem, which it didn't unfortunately. Still outputs to stereo. I think they're might be another micro-controller needed to push the audio output to the 6 RCA jack's, and that's where I'm stuck. There's a blank position on the board that looks like it might be where such a micro-controller might go, it has space for 14 pins, 7 each side, There's also an empty point for something that has space for 4 legs in a row, possibly a transistor of some kind as well. There's no proper labeling on the board unfortunately but it does have outline drawings.

I can send on some high def pics of the board, if anyone is interested, but essentially my question is, would anyone know of a component that could possibly help solve my problem?

Hope that wasn't too tl;dr,

If you have the time to help out, I'd really appreciate it.

All the best guys


PS it does get recognised as a 5.1 audio output on a PC through HDMI, however when sending audio signals to surr L+R CEN and SubW, there's nothing, no sound
All speakers confirmed working 100%,