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    Antimatter, what is it and where did it all go?

    Antimatter is no mystery to me. It is rare regular matter and not much was ever made in the first place.

    To explain antimatter, I will have to explain matter. I have done this previously and started out by saying that there are four fundamental particles. I was wrong, there are only two, the electron and the proton.

    A particle is a helical ring of charge. In the lowest state the helix has one turn. I call this the pitch. The voltage of a particle remains constant, one - electron charge for electrons and one + charge for a proton.
    This charge is distributed evenly on the surface of the ring.
    The whole ring rotates at the CONSTANT speed of light with an EVEN UNCHANGING electric flux.
    This constant moving charge flux in the center edge of the ring, constitutes DC current.
    This causes a magnetic moment in the center of the ring, with a north and south pole, perpendicular to the ring plane.

    So, all particles have one electric pole and two magnetic poles.

    All charge is self repulsive. Because of this, the ring is always trying to expand and fly apart, especially in the center where the lines from opposite sides repel each other.
    At the same time, the magnetic field is coming out of the south pole and surrounding the ring and returning to the north pole.....this compresses the ring.
    At the speed of light rotation, the electric equals the magnetic and the particle is stable at a particular diameter. There is no radiation because nothing is changing. It's a DC device.
    The charge is evenly distributed and constant.
    The electric field is constant.
    The magnetic field is constant.
    Central charge flow(current) is constant.
    The particle is not spatially moving.

    The main reason that particles are so hard to understand is because that act so differently from what we are use to seeing.

    In our living scale, we normally don't see objects expand and contract when we act on them.
    And when it does, it's usually one way. i.e..burning or blowing up. Or adding to or taking from.

    In other words, we don't take a two inch car out of our pocket and hit the expands to normal to work....hit we?

    But this is what happens to particles....and at a much LARGER scale.

    This is why it is important to understand surface area and diameter area of charge(particle).
    The surface area controls the electric field density and the diameter area controls the magnetic field density.

    When a charge contracts, it causes an increase in the electric flux and therefore a larger repulsive force in the center of the charge. This causes an increase in the charge flow(current), which causes an increase in the magnetic field that compensates for the repulsive force.

    When a charge contracts, it presents a smaller target for external fields. An external electric field has less effect on a stationary high energy particle than a stationary low energy particle due to surface area.

    In a low energy particle, the magnetic field is like a short fat weak bar magnet because of diameter area. As the charge and diameter area contract and current's like the bar magnet changes to a very strong, skinny, bar magnet.

    Now if electrons and protons have the same structure and mechanism, why are they not the same size? Why does an electron always 350-450 times larger size than a proton and why does a proton have about 1800 times the mass(AM) as an electron?

    Since a particle is only charge........there must be something more than than polarity of charge to cause this difference.

    There's a mis-understood parameter....I call it IN and OUT.
    Some call this left handedness and right handedness.
    Science calls it chirality.

    Polarity of charge does not mean that field lines come out of positive charges and go into negative charges. All fields are emitted out of the charge.

    Polarity is the way charge moves. Charge can not move in a straight line, it coils. Negative charge coils to the left and positive charge coils to the right.

    Everything in the universe, from the very small, to the very large....spins.
    This is because the universe as a whole...spins.

    This does not mean all particles have a common direction of movement.......BUT it does mean that all particles have a common IN and OUT.

    When you throw a coil into a rotating system, the coil will tend to travel either in or out of the system, depending on the rotational direction of system spin.
    In other a one way spinning system(spinning in the correct direction)......a right hand coil will have a tendency to spiral toward the center and a left hand coil will have a tendency to spiral out from the center.

    The center is not the center of the universe.......the center is the closest center. All charge centers have the same IN and OUT. That's chirality.

    End of part #1.
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    Part 2.

    Some will say that to disprove this.....all you have to flip the particles over....all the rotations change and now the proton should spin out now and not in.

    NO.....the only way to change IN and OUT(chirality) to reverse universe rotation.

    This is why positive charge ALMOST always is smaller, more energetic, more mass(AM) and more spins in and has a tendency to self contract.

    Negative charge is ALMOST always larger, less energetic, less massive and more spins out and has a tendency to self expand.

    This all means that a negative particle, because of large natural size is more of a electric acting entity and a positive particle, because of small natural size is a more magnetic acting entity.

    Charge is chiral. This IN and OUT effect is very strong and is the natural cause of charge size difference. And many, many other things.

    This size difference in charge is the only reason that we have matter. It's the size difference that keeps particles from disintegrating each other.

    The ratio of one particles areas to the other particles areas is what controls the bonding distance. These areas are controlled by energy level.

    There will be a set of sizes or a set of ratios that will give close bonding distances and give the new molecule a solid state phase. Ideal case....particles usually bond with multiple particles. Depending on arrangement....bonding distances can vary.

    Ditto for liquid, only a little longer bonding distance. And ditto for gas-longest bond.

    As the molecule goes thru phase changes.....the external fields also change shape and it changes the effects on the neighboring charges or molecules.

    Almost never.....but sometimes...particles interact in such a way....that the proton can be relaxed to the point where it has the same size of an electron. This is rare and scientist have dubbed this particle.....anti-matter(positron). When ever you get a lose a proton or a neutron somewhere. A neutron has a full proton and a full electron in it.

    In some interactions, electrons can be squeezed down to the size of a proton(anti-proton).

    When opposite charges of the same size meet.....AND only when there are SAME size......they can physically touch and neutralize. Star Trek power.

    Only an un-equal surface area or an un-equal diameter area will keep two particles from touching and setting a bonding distance, and allow matter to form.

    So charge chirality is the reason we have matter and very little "anti-matter".

    And charge chirality is the cause of size difference in charge which allows matter to form.

    Charge is what manifests or is the vehicle for bringing chirality into the universe. (Everything comes from charge).

    By adding the right amount of energy in the right amount of time, we can tune a particle up or down, and break chirality and manufacture the right size particles.

    We have a clean, inexhaustible power supply.

    Antimatter and the lack of it is perfectly understandable.

    There are other parameters of particle operation which I have not discussed.

    The pitch controls the frequency, temp., inertia, angular momentum and energy level.
    You can only add or subtract(not below 1 turn) 1 complete turn or multiples of 1 complete turn to the helix. This is a physical limitation of structure itself.
    Some pitch values are not stable and will not lock on some diameters, because the diameter can not support an equal electric and an equal magnetic fields. This is an electrical limitation. Therefore...some energy levels, frequencies and sizes are never generated.

    This is not classical physics and has nothing to do with Maxwell or his maths.

    These experiments and simulations are based on modern Weber dynamics.
    Maxwell's math could not explain the path of plasma in a electronic field(fusion chamber) in the early 90's.
    A group of physicists redid the Weber experiments and added a few modern corrections. These new Weber equations could account for the plasma behavior. They also suggested a structure for charge. These simulations are based on that structure and equations.
    Further study of these equations and simulations led to......the universal force law.

    The reason such a law exist, is because there is only one entity that exist.....charge.

    A very famous, well acclaimed physicist and well admired on this site, said......that a positron is an electron that is traveling backward in time.


    What do you think antimatter is?
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  3. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Explaining antimatter. Good luck with that, you are in some very high powered company. While a lot of scientists are open to suggestions, they require science, and do not claim to have the answers. They are searching for the answers in various facilities all over the world, proving and disproving hypothesis without claiming to have all the facts.

    Antimatter has been synthesized in the lab, and many of its physical properties are well understood.
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    Sep 22, 2013
  5. Glenn Holland


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    "Antimatter" is sort of a misnomer for a phenomenon in which an electron and a positron are generated then recombine to generate gamma radiation.

    The charge of a positron and electron is equal in magnitude, but exactly opposite. The rest mass of each particle is also exactly equal. The term "anti" refers to the ability of these particles to recombine with no trace of remaining rest mass or charge. Antimatter is commonly generated in medical facilities for the process of "Positron Tomography".
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    Areas and volumes of positrons have been found in thunderstorms.

    Does the high inductive property of lightening cause this?

    Or does a matter - antimatter reaction cause lightening?

    If the positive potential of a storm is positronic and not ionic, that would change everything.

    Because positrons travel like electrons, not like the ionic(heavy nuclei).

    Could lightening be the result of annihilation?
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    There are also heavy versions of particles, such as the muon, which is a much heavier version of an electron.

    There are lots of mysteries in particle physics. Even the electron itself is a great mystery, that has not been fully unlocked.

    We have very interesting models, and BR-549, presented a candidate model, but models do not really resolve the fundamental mystery of particles. Anything beyond the present "standard model" (currently used in physics) is mere speculation. Still interesting, but it remain speculative and most physicists believe that radical new discoveries are needed to get to a deeper physics theory that can explain the various mysteries of fundamental particles.
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    I don't think so. Positrons do not travel like electrons; they go the opposite way from an electron in a magnetic field due to their positice charge. Lightning is just the result of excess charge building up and finding a convenient pathway for discharge. No need for antimatter at all; although given the energies involved if some is created I don't see any real problem given the mean free path of an antiparticle is probably very small.

    BTW all the elementary particles have corresponding anti particles. Why would this be a surprise?
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    It was just a thought. Those positrons have to come from somewhere.

    And they have to go somewhere.

    Shouldn't they be easy to detect when they leave(annihilation)?
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    Sep 22, 2013
  11. BR-549

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    Sep 22, 2013
    Edit: And for those interested, this is where CLASSICAL PARTICLE physics started.
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    Sep 22, 2013
    Pappa, what I meant was that positrons travel like electrons, in the manner of mass and velocity. Not charge of course.

    If we could find a conductor that would support positron flow, THEN no one could argue with Mr. Bahn’s positive current flow.

    Positrons could constitute true positive current flow.

    A positronic circuit.
  13. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    An antimatter copper wire would do it.
  14. BR-549

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    Sep 22, 2013
    I don’t think we could ever have antimatter objects or real antimatter mass. I think, although I do not know, that the spin of cosmos would prevent it.

    If we could generate magnetic conduits, we could use electron flow and positron flow without any resistance.

    The problem is free electrons. There are everywhere. If we had a copper antimatter conductor, the free electrons in the air would zap them. So if we had antimatter wires, or positron flow, they would have to be isolated.

    So how do you make a positronic cap or coil?

    I suggest using a very hard glass. But unlike electronic circuits, positronic circuits will require the positronic charge to be added to the circuit.

    It would be putting a charge on an insulator(circuit). Then isolate the circuit, so it can’t get zapped.

    If the electrons in the glass are bound hard enough and kept at a different size than the positrons, and isolated from environment, maybe we could maintain positron flow on glass.

    Just some thoughts.
  15. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Dude, it has been synthesized. Antimatter hydrogen is alive and well, and does exist. Reading is your friend.

    How do you think they are examining the properties? Yes, it has to be isolated in a really tight vacuum, and it is. It is also contained in magnetic bottle to prevent it from drifting to the walls of the container.

    We are synthesizing elements that do not exist naturally and forms of matter not found in nature routinely. Scientist have gone beyond the atomic particles like protons and electrons to the building blocks that make them up. Our understanding of physics is a lot deeper than you credit, or understand. Are there things we can learn? Of course. But no reasonable person, especially a reputable scientist, claims to have the knowledge you do. They are finding out the answers with real experiments, and real know how.

    We have a lot of unanswered questions. That is what makes science interesting. For every question we answer it generates a lot more. And most of it is derived from experimental evidence, not wild speculation.

    It may be we will have to scrap vast amounts of theory eventually, but the new theories will have to account for the experiments that have already been performed. That pool of knowledge is quite deep.

    We use positrons in PET scanners. They use some isotopes that break down into positrons, among other things, and have a very short life span. You basically have to have a specialized cyclotron to create the required radionuclides. I was listening to a PRS report that a new technique to generate the required material is in the works, but I don't remember the details.

    So not only do we have antimatter, but are using it for real world applications.
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    Dudet, I don’t believe that. If EVER a antimatter H2 molecule is built, we’ll talk.

    Any H1 atom is un-stable. I wouldn’t call it an atom. But that’s the kinda dude I am.

    Many scientist call a single proton......a hydrogen atom or ion, but is just a single charge, nothing more. Oh, and it is heavier. This mass is a great mystery to modern science. But the ONLY difference between a proton and an electron is the speed of spin. That’s ALL. The spin speed determines size and weight. The other difference of course, opposite polarity.

    We only work with positrons. We have tried to combine a positron to an antiproton, but it is short lived. Just like regular H1.

    Look at any decay that produces a positron. Look at the reactions.

    How do you explain antimatter coming from matter? I can and have. The gamma ray emission is from the relaxing proton.

    In all those will see that a proton morphed into a positron. The proton usually comes from a neutron, not a separate proton.

    Actually, the proton just relaxes. That’s my whole theory........that there is no antimatter.

    Particles? What do we learn from charge fragments? You can make some more and name them, if you want.

    The science is deep alright. IN deep.

    What is this fetish with disintegration?

    Just the realization of the true particle structure, will revolutionize material science and our world.

    When science realizes that charge particles are real objects and have structure, and that those structures are tied together with converged magnetic fields(magnetic ropes or circuits), then they can see what an atom really is.

    Think of all the science that will fall together when we know this true structure.

    Nature, mass and energy are NOT deep and complicated.

    Nature is simple and elegant.

    Nature does not change definitions, add false equalities or selectively apply law.

    Unfortunately, about 100 years ago, science let mathematicians apply their ware to justify the standard model. And ignore law. It’s been dark ever since. IMO.

    Now it is a common practice, and many are praised for it. PRIZES. MONEY. FAME.

    This is junk science. This is careers and positions, not science.

    Math is just a manmade tool. It has no meaning. It is the cause of nothing.

    Modern science idolizes math. It is the science God. Nothing can trump it, and IF you try, it is considered blasphemy.

    This belief in this manmade tool and the belief in the standard model keeps us in the dark.

    It’s time for a new look. Go back and review how this happened, it started with the standard model.

    There is a competing model. This model was ignored because of a MATH equation. It’s called the magneton.

    The mathematician that discredited this model, mistook a negative sign, instead of direction, he thought the negative sign meant negative energy.

    The mathematician that expressed Faraday’s experiments, screwed up big time too. This carried thru to Maxwell’s equations, which failed to explain the standard model, in which new math had to be made up to explain the standard model.....quantum mechanics.

    Now we have a new mystery, Dark math will be required. This is because the math equations for gravity don’t work.

    See how it goes round and round. Dumb and dumber.

    The MAGNETON is what needs to be studied. This model explains much, much more than the atom.

    Read it, study it, and tell everyone about it. Especially a scientist. You will be called crazy, but even if just a few gears turn, it will be worth it.

    Please take the time to study it. Understand how resonance is the vehicle of mass and energy exchange.

    Mass does not change space and time. Mass is just energy in resonance.

    Try it on for size, it fits real good.

    To be fair......many scientists and mathematicians know that there is something fundamentally wrong with our science and understanding.

    I hope they are here reading.
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    Nov 30, 2010

    Don't waste your time posting this on an electronics site. You should be sending this straight to the Nobel Prize committee!
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    I guess we need to rename the forum, the "Speculative Physics Forum". If we do, I'll need to invent a new form of SPF protection, and use level 50 to keep my brain from imploding again.
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    Aug 27, 2009
  20. Wendy


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    Facts don't care if you believe them or not. There are still people that believe the universe is 65,000 years old, or that the earth is flat. Should we credit their beliefs even in the face of real evidence to the contrary?

    Antimatter is being stored in very small amounts at this moment. We generate positrons on demand. Your belief that it is not true is irrelevent, reading is your friend. You are wedded to your pseudo science that you are incapable of learning where the state of the art is.

    Long treatise of your science beliefs are irrelevant if you have the core facts wrong. In math, anything can be proved with one wrong supposition. Life is also like that.
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