Another power tool question.

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I have a Bosch PSB 1080 LI-2 10.8 v LI-ion drill with no battery or charger, It doesn't function test from a bench power supply so it probably only works if the battery PCB allows it to, I doubt its faulty as its new, does anyone know if I can fool the PCB that there's a battery ?

I know some brands need a sub battery voltage present at the third contact on the tool.

I just want to bench test it before I sell it.

( I get hold of free power tools from my job that are rescued from the waste stream, you may not know that all the power tools you see on display in the big DIY stores are thrown away because the cables are cut off, dummy batteries are glued in or there is no box and no warranty, none of the tools are dummies though like display mobile phones. )


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I suspect it can be fooled, but you will need to do some testing. In some tools that extra one or two contacts expects to see a resistance, like a temperature thermistor.