Analyse these circuits


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If you are working on it, and this is your design, tell us how you think it works and we will review your description. For example, what do L3 and L4 do? What are the DC operating points of Q3 and Q5?

Also, there is an 18-pin device with no reference designation, part number or any other information. What is it?



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Analyze these circuits

1. Audio Preamplifier: probably will work. Not saying how well it will work, but it should do something recognizable.

2. RF Output Stage: None of the transistors has any means of DC bias, and will never turn on. This part of the circuit is TOTALLY boned.

3. Big Diagram on Bottom: No identifying info on that 18-pin IC on the lower right, so it's anybody's guess. The three pushbutton switches do nothing, as Q4 has no means of turning on. As for the microcontroller and the two displays, who knows.

SUMMARY: This design needs work.