Analog input circuit 0..10V and 4-20ma

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Hi to all,

I am looking for an example of circuit for PLC analog input.
One input shall have 3 terminals : Ui, Ai and Com. Ui - voltage input (0..10V) , Ai - current input (4-20mA) and Com- common. Depends of Analog input electrical connection signal will be conditioned over 12 bit A/D converter.
If someone have idea or solutions please share it for future discussion.



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Does the TS want to know how to utilize the inputs? Or how to produce them? Analog Voltage inputs on a PLCoften share one common among multiple inputs, with the common being the more negative side.
Current loop inputs (4-20 mA) may share a common connection to a loop source for several input channels, or they may even be assignable more flexibly. That is a read the book sort of challenge.


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I am looking for an example of circuit for PLC analog input.
So is this for use with a commercial PLC or self designed version?
If commercial recognized make, major companies have these modules available.
Or, is this a self designed PLC that you require to design the modules for?
Is this for a special case unique/project?