Amplifier suitable for a load cell

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    Aug 24, 2016
    My aim is to measure weight on a load cell and collect precise data with a NI DAQ card (16 bits).

    I have a load cell SM S-Type 100N ( and as the NI DAQ card has 16bits and +/-10VDC, the resolution I would get is around 66g with an excitation voltag of 15VDC.

    This is too less as I'm looking for one with a resolution of around 1g. The following amplifier would be an option and it would be great to get some thoughts on that as I'm not so skilled in this field:
    The output voltage is +/-10VDC and the excitation voltage for the load cell is free to set at 3, 5 or 10VDC.

    My question is now if the combination of both components would work with the required resolution of 1g. Another important point concerning the amplifier's datasheet is the "response time" of 7ms. What exactly does it mean?