Amplifier configuration problems

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Hi, I am going to amplify the signal from a pH sensor, this signal is to be read by an MCU, so I do not have a larger spectrum than 0-3.3V, I, therefore, want the signal to oscillate approx. at 1.5V, but when I amplify this signal the whole signal is lifted, instead of it still oscillating at approx. 1.5V, does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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How is your pH sensor managing to generate a sinewave - that is fascinating!
This is not a live circuit. It is a simulation with a 1Hz sine input.
I guess what the TS means is he wants to offset the signal by 1.5V DC.

The solution is you amplify the pH signal first then apply the 1.5V DC offset.

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Your opamp is biased at half the supply voltage but it has a gain of 2 times so of course the output is saturated at +3.3V and it rectifies the signal.
Also, your circuit has an unknown reference voltage that will also be amplified.

Your opamp is DC-coupled therefore it amplifies DC. Use coupling capacitors if you do not want the DC amplified.