Alternate relay for diy powerswitch tail

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    Jan 14, 2015
    I am starting a home automation project that is going to involve a multitude of functions. I want to make modular boxes communicating via a zigbee mesh network. Each node would have sensors to give real time data about temp,humidity,light levels,smoke,methane (and possibly others depending on space constraints) I want to do this in one of two ways. The first would be to design and 3d print an enclosure that would be able to plug in with a wire to the outlet. The second, and preferred method would be to build the node inside a plastic outlet box that I could put in the wall to make things look normal. The fact that I rent is the only reason I am leaning at all towards option 1. Anyway. I started my process by trying to mimic the Powerswitch tail II. The spec sheet and all the parts needed at Application Instructions R6A Oct 2013.pdf

    The rest of the parts I can source, but after a day of searching, I have found no place in America (manufacturer included) that carries the power relay (AZ21501-1A-120A), found here:

    While the exact specs are not necessary, I would like to have something very close to this as I like the high amperage on the coil side in case I do decide to power on something a little beefier. (and more for safety so a friend doesn't plug in something pulling too much current) I think 30A would be acceptable instead of 40A, but I'm just having a hard time for sure knowing what to replace this with. I'm fairly new at creating my own circuit but am very capable of reading schematics and making it work as it's supposed to. I would also even order a production run of 100 as the price is relative low (<$3/pc) but the production time is at least 15 weeks. If anyone would have any suggestions on how to cross reference parts or even wants to spoon feed me a suggestion (although i'm not expecting that) it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks from a long time board creeper who finally signed up to write a short novel of a first post!!
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    If you can buy them for <$3 each by all means do that, you wont be able to build your own for that much and it will take you longer than 15 weeks.