altec lansing 2100


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I hope these images of the internals of the remote might help get you started. If you still have questions message back and maybe I or someone else will be able to assist further.

1. The remote has 3 buttons Power Toggle (on/off), Volume Up and Volume Down.
2. On Power on the Volume is set midway and from what I can tell there is no memory so it must be set manually if you want it on full volume every time you power off and power on.
4. The remote connects to the back of the subwoofer unit via connector (marked as "controller" on the subwoofer)
3. The wire colors in the picture: Blue: Volume Up, Red: Volume Down, Orange: LED, Brown: Shield



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If you want to use the speaker without remote you might need to look at the data sheets for the Volume control IC (PT2256 compatible with TC9235P) and the D-type flip flop (TC4013BP). For the pdfs see my post here.


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The switches connect the cables to Gnd, and power switch pulls the Up and Down together to Gnd through the two diodes.
Altec Lansing 2100 sub ....don't know for sure if it works not have the wired remote control.
I have determined which wires operate volume and power on, from the previous post and pictures.
I am a truck driver, not a tech dude ....but let me try to clarify my understanding of what I read here.

1) If I combine the "volume up/down" wires and momentarily touch them to ground the system will turn on?
1a) ....then will the system then stay on until it is unplugged ....or is there another way to accomplish that?

2) Momentarily grounding either of those wires to any system ground point will adjust volume accordingly?

Goal is just to determine if it works, connect it to the old desktop, turn it on and set the volume.
.....and then forget about until the next power outage.

I have no issue with experimenting or fabricating some kind of jumper harness in place of the remote.
....just don't know if that is even possible.