Almost identical username! :(

There seems to be another new member! Hypatia's Mentee

No 'hits' for @hypatia's Mentee...

Pursuant to 'the theme', as it were: I find that @THEON is an inactive user having registered over two years ago... Ditto for @euclid having registered over seven years ago (well prior to 'my time' here) --- Needless to say I make nothing of either of these...

Hey @shortbus -- Should you indeed feel that an issue requisite of my attention exists, please be advised that a link/tag would be of great assistance!:cool:

Many thanks for your concern!

ETA -- Apologies for my faulty 'speed reading' (CIP confusion of 'mentee' with 'mentor' in the above):oops: -- But now I'm really confused:confused: Inasmuch as (for the purposes at hand) 'mentee' ≈ 'protege' might I assume some manner of 'joke' is in play?:rolleyes:;)
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