Algebraic Substitution for Electric Circuits, (from worksheet)

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    May 18, 2013

    i thought i would go through this thinking it would help. i was able to work through most of question 1 without too much of a problem.
    question 2 is a little confusing.
    Through algebraic substitution, write an equation that gives the Q factor of a series resonant LC circuit exclusively in terms of L, C, and R, without reference to reactance (X) or frequency (f).
    this is the answer:
    im guessing the 1 over R is in parallel with the square root of L(an absolute value?) over C?
    rearranging this i think is a big step from question 1.
    i think the person/people making the worksheets is doing a great job as i cant find that much elsewhere to help practice with this stuff. i have bought many books. i got one recently "engineering circuit analysis" by william h. hayt. i flicked through it a couple of times and threw it. it is heavy with calculus and i think you need to be an expert at calculus before starting that book.
    does question 2 look right? i cant read the answer to well or figure out how to get there.

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    Hello Simon,

    On wich worksheet did you see this formula?

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    Once you have figured out how to do math without numbers and have any relevance and or accuracy how about working on how to spell complete words and sentences without using the alphabet. :rolleyes:

    Also, I would like a solid brick house built entirely out of wood while you're at it but if that not possible building it out of cotton will be fine.