alarm control 8051 assembly code help

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One 4 x4 keypad to key in numbers and select modes -
An LCD that displays characters and numbers -
There will be a minimum three (3) mode options:
1. Alarm Arm/Disarm, 2. Alarm Reset, 3. Emergency, 4. Set Pin

ok so i have done some coding but it wont runs and maybe anyone can help it


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Sorry, we cannot help with the little information you have provided.
”done some coding but it won’t run” does not give us any information.


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Your thread has been moved to the Homework Help forum. All coursework related posts must be made here in order to alert members wanting to help about the nature of the post. AAC rules limits help with graded or school project work to assistance with the direction the student is taking to solve the problem. Guidance, not solutions, are permitted.

Again, welcome and good luck on your project.