Agilent DSO1102B oscilloscope review

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I was just using this Agilent DSO1102B 100MHz 2-channel oscilloscope. This is an entry level oscilloscope often found in student labs.
The user interface (control knobs) has got to be the most non-intuitive controls I have ever encountered on an oscilloscope.

It was back to my trusty Tektronix TDS 220 oscilloscope.



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Have you not much used DSO's before ?
I may be wrong but isn't that a rebranded Rigol when the made entry level DSO's for HPAK ?


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This is the equivalent to Rigol's DS "B" series with independent channel controls - Rigol only has four channel versions of this series, but the panel is almost identical (minus the two additional channel controls).

This series is much older than the very popular DS1052E/DS1102E. The interface on the "E"series was very good for its price at the time, but I haven't heard much about the "B" series from them.