After 3 tries in 3 weeks...

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...the fourth was the charm.

I finally have a new windshield on my car.

First, my on-site replacement appointment was cancelled due to weather. Our garage is full of car and bicycles.
Next, my at-office appointment found they had the wrong glass, but they were very nice and ordered it to be sent next day, and fit me in.
Next, while on my way to the appointment, a phone call to say "we have the glass but but not the plastic thingy to keep it from flying out.
Then, a call "we have the plastic not-flying-out thingy and can put it in tomorrow at 15:00".
Finally, with trepidation, I went to the shop and... they did it! So now, I have a lovely uncracked windshield.

First world problems, I am aware. But I live in the first world, so...


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Sometimes it's the simple things. :) Wife's truck had a small crack along the bottom of the windshield. Like most it grew and grew till it went 3/4 of the way across. I called Safelite and my insurance and done. Fortunately good weather but there was room in the garage. :) Enjoy the nice new view!