Advice On Buying Refurbished Tablet Computer


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hi Glen,
I bought a couple of E-Machine refurbished desk top computers some years ago, worked well, limited guarantee period.
Downside was the Windows operating system software backup/re-install was on the HDD, no Win DVD.



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You can get a pretty good deal on some devices, I purchased a refurbished Mac Mini with the discounted savings I purchased a SSD and additional RAM. I've been happy with all my Apple products, I still have a 2010 MacBook with SSD it still runs fine, the OS is free from apple so all additional updates are available with an apple account. Same with my iPads and iPhone.

Not to mention my Apple Watch, I just upgraded from the First Gen Watch, one feature with the apple watch is, I don't have to login to my 2015 MacBook, the watch does it for me.

If you can get a good discount on one go for it.


Edit: Oh, and the Mac Mini was purchased from Bestbuy. A lot of times it's just returned because the user didn't like the product, not because of failure.


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I’ve also had good experiences with refurbished Apple stuff. It comes with the same guarantee and a lot of it is just excess inventory of discontinued models. I’ve never been able to find anything that showed it wasn’t brand new.

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How do these tablets and computers connect to the Internet?

From the pictures of them, they don't seem to have an Ethernet port so I'm guessing they connect through WiFi. My existing computer connects to the Internet through an Ethernet cable connected to an AT&T Uverse modem that also has a built in WiFi transceiver.

I will be using the tablet at home most of the time so my WiFi connection will work.