Advice for finding embedded engineers?

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I'm at a small startup company, and we are looking for embedded engineers. We've posted it on our website (which doesn't get much traffic) and tried contacting our personal networks, but have not had any responses so far (0 in fact).

Are there any good forums, job boards, or other ways to advertise a position for an embedded engineer? We'd prefer to stick to free sites, but if people think that simply isn't going to work then please tell me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Check with the local sales offices/FAEs of some suppliers and their websites. Microchip for example maintains a list of people that they direct inquires to (Design Partners). Most are contractors, some can be had for full time, I would think. Any sales engineer/FAE worth their salt should have some knowledge of who might be available and competent. Check with other vendors' sales folks as well. My first contract after striking out on my own was a referral from the guys who made the PCB photo-films from mylar plots for me. (A long time ago).

I've also found good people using technical headhunters. used to be pretty populated but you have to screen them yourself. I found a good guy there way back when.
As you've probably realized, there are many 'experts' out there whose qualifications seem rooted in beating on something long enough to get it working once. They are to be avoided.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the replies.

@tshuck - Thanks, I do have Dice and Indeed in mind, but both are paid, and we wanted to try our luck with free sites first. If we aren't getting enough bites, then I'll try those out.

@JohnInTX That's a good idea, I'll give that a shot.

@strantor I'm located in the Bay Area. Is posting a job advert allowed on this forum? If so, which subforum?


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