Advanced Processor with new features ?

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    Aug 25, 2014
    I am asking stupid question. what will be future of processor in next 15 years ? I am just asking for new ideas. whats the new features will inbuilt in embedded processor. what type of changes we will see in futures.

    In another way, what will ability of new processor ? whats the new processor can do but existing processor like 8051 , PIC, ARM, can not do?

    This question is totally based on experience, I hope experts will tell me some opinion
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    In the last 15 years, the trend has been lower power. I cannot think of significant new functionality added to a CPU. Devices that have emerged over the past 15 years that closely interface with the CPU are sensors and communication (accelerometers, wifi, GPS, bluetooth. The iPhone 6 has a 64-bit pressure sensor that is so accurate you can watch the value change as you move it by inches up or down (atmospheric pressure change).

    The trend in the next 15 years will be to put these sensors and communication technologies on the CPU, increasingly convert to system on a chip.
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    Aug 25, 2014
    That means advance processor can be used to monitor the sensors. but we can do it with 8051, pic controller

    I repeat my question again , we can make advance processors that will run faster, more memory , capability to store more data. but can we add some extra features for future benefits
    what changes may be see in futures
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