Adding variable output to a DIY ozone generator

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Hey guys,

I picked up a basic diy ozone generator off of eBay to incorporate with my hvac system. The kit is basic, just a 110v, 10 watt transformer rated @3.5 kv output and a 1,000 mg/h plate. System works well, but would like to add the ability to control the output. Would simply adding a potentiometer between the plate and transformer work? If so, what size would you recommend? Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob , thanks.


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Simple on off control might work better.
Lowering average input voltage would have a limited range, but once you get too low, the high voltage side would go low enough to stop making ozone altogether.

A slow running 555 with adjustable pulse width running a solid state relay would allow intermittent full power operation but reduce the total amount of ozone generated per minute
A period of several seconds(less than 1 Hz freq) and just adjust the duty cycle to get 95% to 5% of full on capacity.