Acoustic 360 bass amps

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    Mar 22, 2015
    I have a Acoustic 360 I have not used in years. It is in a state of some disarray because years ago I modified it so I could use the amplifier section and the speaker cabinet separate from one another (sic I know). When last used some years ago all of the individual parts (18” speaker in cab, amplifier section, preamp section) did work properly, albeit with a good deal of background hum present. I am now looking to restore this amp to stock operation and cannot locate the wiring diagrams I made years ago. As such I am looking for pictures of the internal electronics of the AMP AND CABINET (not the preamp chassis). Specifically I am looking for pictures of the amplifier section connected and or wired to the rear panel assembly, as well as pictures of the back of the rear panel assembly while connected to the amp section.

    The original 2 conductor AC cord for the preamp chassis is shot and needs to be replaced. I was giving thought to installing a standard 3 conductors cord in its place and connecting the earth (green) wire to the bottom chassis. Is this feasible and or make sense to do? Any assistance would be appreciated.