Accelerometer needed for a demo kit

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I am trying to build a demo kit to show the velocity and acceleration of a slider that reciprocates. I am from mechanical engineering background and hence need help in finding good acceleratio measurement device. My requirements are this:
1. Should be something like a ready to fit.
2. Needs to be compatible for an output display (ie. I need the device to be in built with all necessary signal conversion programme).
3. Should be an economical option.
4. Saw one app in mobile phone showing velocity and acceleration of it. Was very simple and exactly the way I wanted. Any possibility of getting such accelerometer?

Pl. suggest some good types and makes. Thanks.


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I was going to suggest just attaching a smartphone. It doesn't have to be all that smart, and you might find one for cheap or free. Is that not acceptable?


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I'm not sure if this will help you. I bought this board a while back. It has a mems on it, and a display.

It also has a built in ROM library. One of the example routines, displays 3 bars, representing 3 directions on the screen. They move as you tilt the board.

I paid $20 for it. However, it is very sophisticated. I bought it a few months back. I'm about half way thru the manual.

It would require some study.