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Since obtaining my degree in Heating & Air-Conditioning, which also included AC-DC theory, Electrical Automation design and motor control. I chose Electrical Automation to enhance my degree, while others took time off in summer, I continued my education with the idea to enhance my knowledge looking to future Computer Automation, while then employed I began my Studies a University which was the College I obtained my degree and is an Academically Accredited University.

I chose Computer Science expanding my understanding of Network Architecture and Infrastructure. I am also GrandFathered since my degree at the College allows me to take classes no charge for the rest of my life, I can no longer work at the University, but if I get my teaching degree hopefully able to obtain my doctorate using existing classes and convert them so I don’t have to take them again. I don’t wish to teach, however I would like to conduct research and also write on what I’m most interested in at the moment.

I am seeking to obtain a degree in Anthropology. But I would like to target an emerging science - Genetic Anthropology.

Genetic anthropology is an emerging branch of science that combines DNA testing with archaeological, historical and linguistic evidence to reveal the history of ancient human migration. It seeks to answer the questions, "Where did we come from, and how did we get here?"
Linguistics would be my biggest challenge, simply because I don’t have a firm grasp of the english language. However, this site has provided me the opportunity to grab other individual writing styles and begin to learn differences in words with the same phonetical sound with different spelling. To clarify I will be spending time studying english, writing as well as learning boring old english possibly.

However, I would be interested in other languages such as Latin, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. In order to better understand them is to learn constructs of the English Language, which I speak, but don’t write effectively. If you could lead me to simple ways to accomplish this in my own time prior to “attending University” or “attending a University” would be helpful.



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It has been my observation that engineers have poor communication and social skills. I am one of them.
Language has never been my forte. I failed my English exams twice before I was able to be admitted to university.

A turning point for me came with the advent of Apple Macintosh, Apple Laser Writer printer, desktop publishing, and PageMaker 1.0.

I am a member of a local sailing club and one of the arduous tasks of the Commodore was to produce a monthly newsletter painstakingly typed on an old fashioned typewriter. The stories and layout left much room for improvement. I took on the challenge of producing the monthly edition using desktop publishing on an Apple Macintosh, with half-tone photo images to boot. As the chief editor my written language skills took off.

Today, I have no problems creating book-sized manuscripts. One of my regular activities is writing into a personal manuscript on a regular basis anything that comes to mind.

On top of that I am member of a local Toastmasters club which assists members in building confidence in public speaking and developing leadership skills.

I have set myself personal goals to be fluent in French. I was hoping to be fluent in one year but that was not to be. My new goal is to be fluent in three years (or as long as it takes). After that I intend to do the same with learning Spanish and then Italian. It was advised not to learn multiple languages at the same time. I often get my French and Spanish words mixed up. I had French and Spanish in school but was not motivated to learn much at the time. I would like to learn Chinese but that seems much more challenging. Motivation is essential. I have personal family attachments to motivate me to be able to converse in all of these languages.

Never stop learning new things.