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Heres hardware. And being a programmer is HARDER than being a <snip> little electronics engineer - IF! One of those <snip> could even teach anything, because they DONT understand anything! So how can they teach it??


say i have 2 wires connected to their negative terminal to a wire each.
Then i connect these wires to another wire to a battery connected to its positive terminal.

First I notice 9v dc going through, with my voltmetre, because 2 negative terminals, connecting only to only 1 positive terminal, will only draw the same volts from both, because it only has the potential difference given by the positive terminal on the other side, but will draw it from both batteries at once, This way, I go through twice as much outputs as my inputs batteries :).

Then I start disconnecting things.

If I disconnect the first battery, then I notice, I still have 9v there, because the potential difference is still there.
Then I reconnect that battery, and remove the other, and I notice its still 9v.

If I disconnect both batteries, now its 0v.

Then I conclude, this is an OR gate, just by crossing 2 wires.

I can then connect up 4 batteries on one side negative, and 2 batteries on the other side positive.

But I make sure only to connect 2 of the batteries at once, because every two batteries counts as a bit, one for 1, one for 0. 9v for 1. 9v for 0.

Now I find I can connect the 1 batteries together, cross the wire, and go to the 0 battery on the positive side.

Now ive got a NOR gate. its the opposite, because of its inverted OUTPUT.

So then I then connect the 0 batteries together, cross the wire, go to the (1) positive. and because I inverted the INPUT, I now have a NAND gate.

Then I connect the 0 batteries to the 0 positive, and ive got an AND gate, but its signifying the lack of it, but not actually having it. and thats where im up to.

The other thing im missing, is getting rid of the batteries, and then making the output feed back into the input. And then I have a differential analyzer (simple summer) and ram.

Ram is excellent in this method, because its 2 NOR's in feedback, so theres no stuffing around and its simple to think of this way.
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Ive even got the incomplete roughouts of a basic system, that will control a 16x16 light globe game (4 bit resolution), with 3 globes on at once. (you paint the screen and you let the globes light it up from behind. so it looks exactly like an oldschool pinball machine, that you play on the picture.)

so we have one 9v battery top left (we actually have 2 9v, the other one handles the screen and memory power, forgetting about the 9v on the controls - but we are tracing from this first), we come out the negative, and then the first thing it his, is mechanical switches from the joysticks, these go through an and - but im yet to actually connect the exact wires I need, except i only have the fact that it didnt happen to do it, not that it did, so i might be screwed there.

then up and down and together, and then this then not ands with them by themselves, to go into an incrementer into the 4 bit position on the screen.

Then I go through a selection of whos chasing who then i compare and the position of the character with the sword. (that you have to collect, to go into chase mode.)

I then have to change the position of the sword with some simple technique.

Then it goes through a compare of if the players have equal positions, ands again. (i need so many ands, but unfortunately im a bit foggy on it, how to actually wire it.) If they are on top of each other, goes through a switch for whos chasing who, and goes through an incrementer to his score, then puts the dead player a safe distance.

I then output the results to the ram store. (i need 1 bit for whos chasing who, 24 bits for their total positions,x,y,2 player, 1 weapon - and the 2 4 bit scores. 33 bit ram.) Then after setting the ram Then it makes it all the way to positive.
(which im quite sure how to make, but it runs off its own battery)

the ram battery passes through an x y trail and compare with the screen, to light up the 2 characters the weapon and the score globes. (traditional einstien scale, of course. set at exact luminesence to scatter through the aesthetics.)
So the screen is given constant power out of the ram.

The ram is constantly batteried, and i can hz it as fast as i want, probably on a changable timer.

And I do the whole thing with only wires, not touching a single transistor or resistor.

So it has 2 batteries, one runs on a timer to set the parallel memory (66 lines going into the logic).

And the other keeps the parallel memory active and lights up the screen.

Now I want you to think about this.

Theres programming your own code, and theirs looking at peoples code... whats more fun and easier to do?

Same goes for hardware, how would you like to fix my machine? I dont think so, thats the guy who made its job.

So all you guys thinking your so good for fixing equipment, and reading other peoples circuits, using some crud ic, some <snip> timer you didnt make, or using some useless expensive fpga, Why dont you actually make your own machine from scratch, its alot easier to fix and read. :)
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IMO, we should refrain from commenting on future frivolous posts from the OP and maybe he will go elsewhere for the attention he desires.

Moderators: I assume the <snips> were vulgar language censoring. Why not just delete the post outright and place the poster on moderation?


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I cleaned up his schematic to make it a bit more readable:

I second having your meds adjusted.

The inclusion of a neck strap and tongue terminal causes your post to be in violation of the AAC TOS. You are on probation (double secret, of course).


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Designing your own circuits is more fun, so much I agree and troubleshooting them is often easier. But a programmer stands on the shoulders of giants that "tamed" the beast called electricity.

There are different opinions and views on how to go about things. One of my teacher said that it's no reason to re-invent the wheel(He taught us IT classes and programming) and stealing or recycling other peoples codes weren't problem. Then there were those that wanted you to understand how to make a single bit which made people in my class think "why do I need this I have more horsepower in my phone".

One word of advice reserve your curse words for those time in need that way it will have a greater impact.

See I can rant almost aimlessly too ;)


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This may hold the record .... for what, I'm not sure.
First i read his disorganized battery logic thingie.
Then i read him saying he made an OR gate shorting some wires on his verbal mess of batteries.
And then i saw this diagram.
What is this i don't even