AC circuit theory - A.C. motor with capacitor in parallel

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Been trying to work out task 5b but im not sure where im going wrong with calculating the vertical and horizontal components for the current draw, please help...
Task 1a- A.C. motor with stator winding resistance of 22ohms and an inductance of 0.25H and is connected to an 11kV 50Hz supply.
Task 1b- a 22µF capacitor is now connected across the A.C. motor. calculate the current draw and power factor


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First, you need to show YOUR best attempt to work the problem. That way we can try to figure out where you are having problem.

Second, put yourself in our shoes and read your post. You give a bit of information about Task 1a and Task 1b. Okay. Then you say you are having trouble with Task 5b, without bothering to mention what the heck Task 5b is. We are NOT mind readers!

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If you are confused, look above in the "education" tab. Most of the stuff you need will be in the AC circuit section. There are a lot of great resources for LC resonance equations, reactance and all that stuff. If you are still confused, then we could help you with applying these formulas and figuring it out. And please clarify a little more. We do not know what "5b" is.
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What did you get for the current draw and power factor for Task 1a? Show the circuit model you used and your calculations.

What did you get for Task 1b? Show that circuit model (which should be a simple modification to the earlier one) and your calculations.