ABB ACS integration into existing control panel

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Chris CT

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Hi all, please go first thread. I have a wood pellets boiler that is no longer made and have no electrical drawing for.

I initially wanted to be able to control the speed of the motor so was advised by a company in the UK to buy a ABB ACS150 and a three phase motor (the original motor was single phase).

So they wired up the above and all I had to do was plug this in to the panel where the original single phase motor was plugged in.

But when the original motor contactor is made it only send power to the ABB ACS150. I then need to press start to get it to start the 3 phase motor. (I understand a link could be installed between +24v and D1 start/stop) but have been told that cutting power to the ABB regularly using the existing contactor is not best practice.

So finally.....what I would like to know is can the power going to the contactor be removed to power the ABB ACS150 and all of the thermal overload protection connections (n/o, n/c and the A1, A2 connections wired to the correct locations on the drive).

Basically can I remove the specific contactor and overload relay and replace this with the ABB drive?

Very long, sorry in advance.