A simple question regarding NNSTART in MATLAB

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Good day MATLAB gurus.

I recently purchased MATLAB, and am trying to get started using a neural network. I have had no prior experience working with MATLAB, but I did complete the MATLAB Onramp course online. I have built my first neural network (converting degrees celcius to degrees farenheit) and it worked well! So that's where I'm at - so please excuse my lack of experience.

I think my question is quite simple. Hopefully it might be just as easy to answer.

How do I increase the number of hidden layers in a neural network using the MATLAB nnstart command and pattern fitting GUI? My second question is; how do I generate the code that the GUI uses to find the solution? Just to confirm: I'm not asking how to generate the output code for the NN training (that's quite simple). I want to see the code that the GUI uses to find the NN solution.

  • Typing "nnstart" in the command window gets me:


  • I click on "fitting app"
  • Go through the setup process
  • arrive at the following window:

There appears to be no way of increasing the number of layers at this point...

Thereafter I would like to see the code that made this whole process possible.

Is there a solution to the two questions? Can anyone help me?

I would appreciate the assistance. I'm trying to learn, so please be gentle.