A program for Small sweet gift.

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The action "Small sweet gift" applied maximum 26 volunteers who have agreed to make small cookies. These cookies are small sweet gift for passersby on the day it will be conducted action. For this purpose small cookies of all volunteers were arranged in a rectangular tray with dimensions nxm (0<n,m<10).
Write a program that inserts schedule cookies in tray. Your task is to find the largest square in the cookie that has the same volunteer. Arrange the cookies is presented so that the cookies from the same volunteer are shown with the same letter of the alphabet so that the first volunteer cookies are marked with a, the second b etc ...
Once you find the largest square that has the same cookies volunteer print the letter which they labeled cookies and the country the largest square.

Enter how many rows of cookies are there:5
Enter how many columns of cookies are there:7
enter the schedule of cookies
bbddee c
eeaeee d
largest square with cookies by the letters:c i d
side of the square is 2
I need some help with this program!!


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MOD NOTE: Looks like homework -- moved to Homework Help.
Probably a software completion for a scholarship - last year, an office supply store (Staples?) sponsored one looking for a software solution that picked the smallest of a list of box sizes that would suffice for a random number of items ordered by a customer (if H x W x L of items were available).