A New Language For Programming Microcontrollers

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Thank you for the link! I havent had much time to work on the project, but when I get to that point I'll be sure to message him when I get some code executing in action.

A few updates on the compiler:
compiler settings ini file.

Whats code2code?:
code2code takes Shawarma Language and reads a simple text file that has code snippets of another language and converts it to that language that your target platform has to run on to be built. Also of course allowing replacing or adding sections of code after compiling. I.E:
Rich (BB code):

Why code2code?:
I wanted the language and compiler to be extremely flexible for cross platform development, and I was thinking what better way then letting anyone build Shawarma Language into their targeted platform, by letting people write code snippets of the language they have to use to build on. I believe this will make the language and compiler very universal.

Im working as much as I can on the project, but with 2 jobs a girl friend and getting ready for school in Spring, I'm going to be finding it very difficult to keep good progress on it. Anyways let me know your thoughts!

Compiler Roadmap:
compiler settings ini
Shawarma language variable system.
Shawarma Language Math parsing system.
Library Parsing