A High precision Micro-OhmMeter(μΩ Meter), 100A~1000A, 0 – 1999 μΩ.

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A friend asked me to help him to find a High precision Micro-OhmMeter(μΩ Meter), he wants to measure the current 100A~1000A, although he found one MOM600A, but, that one the Measuring Accuracy only ±1%, he wants the Measuring Accuracy up to ±0.1% and better.

What I have searched which I can only find is 10A and that is too small, so if you know some other brands and the spec can be matched what my friend needed, please let me know, thank you.

MOM600A spec --

Measurement section:

Resistance range 0 – 1999 μΩ
Resolution 1 μΩ
Inaccuracy ±1% of reading + 1 digit
(at 100 – 600 A test current)

Output, 115 V model:
Current 0 – 600 A DC
Open circuit voltage 5.2 V DC

Current shunt output:
10 mV / 100 A ±0.5%, max 60 mV out,
max 10 V to protective earth (ground)

Second hand is Ok.