A gift from god


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Got a brand new grandson yesterday. 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches tall. Yankee. Name is Winston Daniel. They could have picked a better name though. Cute as hell!
Same thing my grandma said to me when we decided to name my first son Pablo ... as time went on she said she actually liked the name now ... you could say that names are an acquired taste, they grow on you ... :);) ... and yes "A gift from God" is the perfect title for this thread


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@Tonyr1084 Congratulations! We got ours 17mo. ago and he's awesome. Do enjoy every minute you're with him. It's a wonderful thing when all of those other things you thought so important fade to nothing as you do all of those firsts with him. We've been through hurricanes and floods and it's all manageable when you see things through his eyes. Floods? "Dat!" Changes your priorities completely. Last auto show I drove the Jag F-type I had all picked out as my retirement present. Now that's changed because Opa needs something big and safe with room for strollers and car seats - that zoo doesn't come to you ya'know..

Thanks for sharing.
Have fun and regards to the tired parents!
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Have to wait to see him. Will see him June 28 when I go home. Right now I'm on assignment with the Navy. Civil job, but - - - .