90 degree angle wire soldering onto 8mm Bullet connectors

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So I want to look at a custom housing for 8mm bullets. I would like to design a twist connection rather than plugging straight into an 8mm bullet connector. I am not able to find a single similar design to my concept and I am curious to if there is a reason why my concept wouldn't work. To allow for my custom housing to function the 8AWG power leads would need to be soldering into the bullet plugs at a 90-degree angle. My question would be Is there a functionality or performance issue connecting the leads in such a fashion? Looking around I saw on another forum that there is a reason that PCB's don't have sharp corners. It sounds like there is a potential increase in resistance with a sharp turn. Does that hold true with DC power at this output?

Is there literature I can read about DC power output and plug design that you are aware of?


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If you're using ~8-Gauge-Wire, You need a connection that can withstand the amount
of Current that will be flowing through it, without creating any "Hot-Spots".
You need lots of "Surface-Area" in your connector and it needs to remain very tight at all times.
Connectors are readily available for Your application.
Check the Radio-Control-Hobby sites for Li-Po-Battery-Connectors.
A "Bullet-Style"-Connector probably won't last very long.