8 Mems microphone , TDM PCB Layout advice

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I am aiming to create a PCB with 8 Mems microphones. These PDM microphones are then inputted into ADAU7118.

IM69D120 (infineon.com)

ADAU7118 (Rev. A) (mouser.co.uk)

The reason for using 8 microphones is because the ADAU7118 has 8 inputs, mems microphones are economical and I need to be able to analyse all data streams to determine the direction of audio. Maybe after anylsing all microphones , all 8 might not be nessary.

I need some advice on the PCB layout , some source recommend using a start formation and some recommend a daisy chain, for the CLK and Data traces for each microhones. I have started the PCB layout, buts not finalised i am working out the placemnt and efficient routing to avoid trace via or stubs.

Any reccomendations on PCB layout with multiple Microphones?