74192 clock down counter

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Mark Dominic Boquio

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Hello Sirs! I have a project but I cannot where I did go wrong. I have to build a clock timer using 74192. MM:SS clock where it should count 59:59. But when I am setting the clock, it count until 7 and goes back to 5. And at the time 00:00 it resets which should not happened. Please help!


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Your video is just about useless. The image is too small and fuzzy to see any detail, including pin numbers and joined connections. Please post the schematic as a PDF or image file so it can be read.



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Hello Mark Dominic Boquio

I hope that the enclosed design serves to continue your project.

For simplicity I omitted the 74LS47 decoder and the 7-segment displays; instead I put some Display's called HEX.

If your counter is counting down, 59-00, you should detect when it reaches 99 and at that moment reset the counters to 59. That made the gates that look at the circuit.