7 Big distributors selling mcu's that have no support

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Does anyone have any information on Cypress Semiconductors 8 to 32 bit devices.
While we where looking for a simple assembler or full blown IDE to change existing devices, this is what we discovered:

All Fujitsu devices renamed under Cypress that were supposed to be compatible in software, seems to be abandoned. They are being sold in large quantities by Digi-key, Arrow electronics, Mouser etc.
According to Cypress the following are "Franchised Distributors"
Arrow Electronics
Digi-Key Corporation
Future Electronics
Mouser Electronics
RS Components

In the Cypress forum all queries software related are directed to the above 7 companies. Their Spansion/Softune/Realos or whatever "work bench" they call it now, does not exist.
I am working through the above list, and so far they are unaware that they should be providing or selling the IDE.

In the meantime I have pulled out an old Softune FR system which I am going to attempt to tweak, to read my devices and hopefully be able to at least assemble.

If this is Cypress' business sense what happens to Psoc devices when they merge with Infineon, if that happens.

Any assistance with Softune or a patch from FR to F2M devices will be much appreciated

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Thank you JT.
Thanks KISS

Cypress has alot of information and documents on their software.
Those downloads are USB drivers for Softune Programmers.
But no Softune IDE or Patches updates either we have searched the website, opened 'cases' posted on their forums, contacted the distributers as per their "blanket reply" all to no avail.
This is me trying externally.
Hoping someone has also been in this situation.
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Yes we can build or buy a serial programmer. Its the Assembler/IDE that's been removed from support.

So all CY 8 bit to 32 bit (previously MB series F2MC and FR the latter being 32 bit) still being sold, cannot he programmed.

I assume all designs using these MCU's could be flashed with a Hex but NOT RE-CODED (No assembler or IDE)

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Just in case you haven't, I would try Google searching for “legacy” IDE, software, drivers and any other key word you can think of.

For instance, there are older versions of MPLAB IDE (that I think work better) on the Microchip PIC website but they are hidden and hard to find.

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I searched every method I could imagine, I literally went into full-on Google search mentality, I used spansion, realos etc, using new words as new searches unearthed the older ways Fujitsu programmers used.
Will try that now.

I agree about microchip IDE. I still have designs that don't work on MPlabX. I also prefer the old open source Pickit3 software for flashing sometimes.

Thank you for the advise


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Welcome to AAC!

@danadak is kind of plugged into Cypress. Any help for TS?
I am not plugged into this Fuji merger frankly. The only thing I
have noticed is update of the PSOC IDE to include the FM0+
family of ARM 32 M0+ parts. As far as I know that does not
imply a seamless transfer from Fuji IDE to PSOC Creator IDE,
rather a port process.

Having been a Distributor FAE for several years eons ago I can attest
that unless Cypress has brought in its FAEs, usually the first to be trained,
sometimes with disty FAEs, that the merger is over whelmed. No surprises
here in this age of robot help systems and AI systems that cant tie a shoe.

The PSOC side even has had a squeeze on its overall support. But still seems
reasonable. In fact they are seeking, as we speak, outside assistance on their
forums with a rewards program for partiipating. I saw the same thing over the
years happen with other vendors. Even business issue support marginalized.
After all thats how incoming CEOs cash in on their new host as parasites.
Dumping resources. But then I diverge.

It never hurts to pick up the phone and call the VP of Technology or CEO office
and lodge a complaint. Or do a youtube video to get some press.....Even call
Fuji, Japanese are very sensitive to their reputation. Not true so much in US

Regards, Dana.