5Mbps Serial RF Link

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I have a device that sends AES/EBU (digital audio) data at 5mbps over a cable to another device that receives the serial stream and decodes it. I would like to replace the cable with a wireless system. After researching this for a couple of weeks, I've come up empty-handed. I looked at XBee transceivers, but the only one I could find that was capable of 5mbps is geared toward WiFi, and I couldn't find a way to make it transmit/receive a simple digital serial stream. Many other devices seemed to have the same issue-too much complexity for what seems to be a simple problem. I've also found several devices that appear to do exactly what I want, but not at the rate that I need. I'm not exactly an expert at RF, so I can see that there's very likely something I'm missing, but it seems like there should be devices that transmit/receive an arbitrary serial stream even at the high rate that I need (5mbps). In a nutshell, I need a device that doesn't care about protocol or baud rate...just something that simply transmits/receives a zero when there's a zero and a one when there's a one-and be able to do it at up to 5mbps (VERY simple diagram below). Can someone point me in the right direction?