4 channel (1:64 hobby scale)

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Hello, we would like to make a 4 channel circuit to fit 1:64 scale hot wheels vehicles. The reason for this is that there are very few radio-controlled vehicles, both hobby and 1:64 scale. Does anyone know how to make such a system at the cheapest cost?

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What does the circuit do? Do you need a 4 channel radio control circuit?
On/Off, proportional, or what?
Transmit, receiver or both? Or wired?
Hello, there will be a car circuit. it should go forward , backward , right and left. yes, a 4-channel radio control circuit. in such a way that there will be transmission and reception. I couldn't understand the open, closed or proportional part, can you explain? thanks.[/QUOTE]
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What you described (forward, backward, right and left) is what I meant by On/Off. Proportional is popular where a proportional control is proportional to the control (often a joystick) setting.

What kinds of circuits have you assembled and/or worked on?

This could be done with microcontrollers or off the shelf encoder and decoder integrated circuits, and of course you could build the who thing out of discreet components, though these days that seems like a lot of work.


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The reason that there are very few radio controlled 1:64 scale models is because there is very little room in them for the battery, motor, radio receiver, motor driver and steering servo. You would need to be very skilled to design and build such a small system. A 1:64 scale 18' long auto is only 3.3" long, 1.5" wide and 1" high. I have many years of experience in designing, building and operating RC systems and vehicles of all kinds. I consider that what you want to do would be an immense challenge.
If you really want to design and build the control system for a scale vehicle, I recommend that you start with something considerably larger.
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The size constraint is not the only issue of adding radio control to a Hot Wheels car. The die-cast construction will not allow for any steeling or driving ability.
Thus any effort in this direction, in this venue, is a waste of effort and bandwidth.
The conversation would be more appropriate among those who are fabricating life size radio controlled insects.