3PDT stomp switches - do they have a polarity?

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Green Bean

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I just built this guitar pedal kit:


Of course, it doesn't work. I turned it on, the LED blinked, and nothing happened. I quickly turned it off and tested the LED to make sure it did not short out. The LED is fine. So I did some snooping around and noticed the 3PDT switch had a white dot on one side. Does the dot mean that side is the front, and the switch has some kind of polarity?

The switch looks like this:



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The wipers (Com)for the switches are in the centre, and the end terminals (NO. NC.)
are at the ends , the switch wipes from the end of the pcb to the centre.


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I'd just buzz out the connections on that switch, so you know what it's actually doing. In general, I do that every time I build something with switches. Way back in the mists of time, I built a project and it didn't work. Traced through everything and nothing was incorrect. Then I checked the switch and, sure enough, it was faulty.

ian field

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I based my answer on his pcb layout, the centre pins are the wipers.
If its a kit, you'd hope for the right switch in there, but gathering parts can end up with a slightly different design.

A lot of biased toggle DPDT switches have the wipers at one end.