32 little op amp lessons from TI


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Great find, MrChips; lots of good stuff there, including a few things even experienced designers might not have thought of.


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The thing I like is that it's such a concise list of why/how op-amps are not ideal. You learn about ideal concepts of things in school, but if you ever actually work in a field and use those concepts, the aspects that are NOT ideal are what you really care about.


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Drill down through the quizzes like 'what does the stripe on one end of a non-polar cap mean and what does it matter?' I knew the former but not all the latter. Spent the PM having fun..


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Yes, looks good. I did not go over the whole pdf yet but i did get my eye caught on the topic of the input offset. That's the best i've heard it described anywhere to date, except by direct circuit analysis which most people dont bother to do, including myself in all but the most demanding cases.

I'll have to see what they have to say about other issues too.