3-directional double DC brushless motor + double servo motor wireless control

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For my final school project (capstone project), I and two others took on the idea of designing an RC dirigible (blimp). One is handling the calculations for thrust and weight, the other, physical design and mechanical motion, and me the electrical. After many, many hours of research, I have designs I want to merge and adjust for my purposes.
My theoretical control:
Using a double axis Joystick module, pressing forward increases the speed on both left and right motors based on the potentiometer's position.
Moving left or right on it, increases the speed of the respective motor, making the blimp turn.
Then a single axis joystick module controls the vertical movement, controlling two servo motors

2x 1mW X-bee modules
SN754410NE (probably x2)
Joystick module (single axis and double axis)
2N2222 NPN Transistor
LM 317

Here are the links for the circuits I want to merge

I want to know if I can use just one set of X-Bee modules to control all the motors (2 servo, 2 DC brushless), I also want to know if I have to use some logic gate configuration to get the specific control scheme I want. I'm still relatively new to electrical engineering, so providing links to things that will help me learn how to do this, or direct help would be nice.

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