24v inverter input voltage help

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Hey guys,

I just purchased a 24v 3000w/6000w Inverter to use with my home backup / emergency battery system.

My large 5kWH 7s lithium battery fully charged is 29.4v.

This inverter States a input voltage range of 21v-28.5v

Granted the 29.4 volts my battery is outputting will drop very quickly to be within their 28.5v input rating.

I know most 24 volt inverters can be powered from a 7s lithium battery with no problems. I've tried contacting the manufacturer to ask them if this would be OK but still no response...

And I'm not positive this inverter has Over Voltage Protection (OVP) or not...

I know a lot of people would recommend to use a buck converter to limit the input voltage but the price of a voltage regulator that can handle ~200a - 300amps is crazy. So that's pretty much out of the question LOL

I realize I can just charge my battery to 4v or 4.07v per cell to be at 28.5v which I can do without a problem since my BMS can be configured. But it would be nice to just let it charge to 4.2v / 29.4v and let it rip since at the moment this is going to be used for emergency power.

Any thoughts? You think I will be fine giving it 29.4 volts or should I do everything I can to not exceed the 28.5v recommended input voltage?
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