Inverter design - Input DC source , output- variable frequency and variable voltage AC

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Could anybody provide me some reference application notes or schematic on variable voltage , variable frequency output inverter design.

I am very new in inverter design.

Thank you so much !!!
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You're in for a long journey. You first need to specify what you mean by variable voltage, variable frequency and what your input will be. And if this is a first project, you have chosen one that couldn't be harder. If this is some thing you need right away your better off buying one from a company that makes them. If just something to learn from, Google for design papers on it and read, then read some more.

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Inverter Design
Input _ DC source
Output - Variable voltage. variable frequency

I want to design inverter which having variable voltage and frequency
Lets say 100VA inverter from 12V DC


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As shortbus says, a lot more info is needed.
What is the range of voltage and frequency? Good answers need good questions, so, have another go at asking what you need.