240v winch motor and handset can some help me with how to wire it up plz ?

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Hi there can anyone help as I've bought a single phase 240v winch motor with brake and hand control with rocker switch and capacitor for up and down the problem I have is when I got it none of the wired are connected the wired are brown black and green from motor also brown and our from the brake then I have 5 wires my hand control they are brown,blue,green which seems to be a bridge wire plus 2x black wires and also seems as if someone has out an extra wire running outside the cake and the capacitor has four connections to it can anybody help me get this up and running again plz and thanks can post pictures if needs be .



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Who is the winch manufacturer? Have you gone to their site or Googled your particular setup? Can you post pictures of the complete unit? Hard to tell what you are working on with what you have provided.

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Hello there :)
the capacitor on a single phase motor is used to start the rotation

does it have a arm which is actuated by a collar on the hoist cable

does it have a centrifugal switch, ie once rotation begins it opens and drops out the capacitor.
I hope this can help you .my crystal ball doesn't seem to be working bye bye. :)


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