18F4431 - setting pins as plain IO

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Micro 18F4431 - Assembly

In spite of having used the above, several times in the past with no issues, today, after replacing in a working design, the 18F452 in charge with a 18F4431, I found the keyboard and LCD, not responding. After much RTFM, I noted that pins

RB0 / PWM0
RB1 / PWM1
RB2 / PWM2
RB3 / PWM3
RB4 / PWM5
RB5 / PWM4
RD5 / PWM4
RD6 / PWM6
RD7 / PWM7

may be assigned in various ways to the Power Control PWM Module. In my case I wanted all of them to behave as common IO pins. Basically, by doing CONFIG PWMPIN =OFF, they will start as such since power up.

But, if for any reason, I did CONFIG PWMPIN =ON, later, to get ALL of them released from the PWM peripheral after power up, I should do:


The above allows several possible combinations (which I do not need by now).

I am not trying to teach anything to anyone! Just an expression of relief; duly noted in my data sheet, it is one ghost less to chase in the future.