15 PSI Differential Board Mount Pressure Sensors (Uncalibrated mV)

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Hello! You all have always been so helpful, so I was wondering if you could help me again...

I am using the 527-NPA-600B-015D Differential Board Mount Pressure Sensor. It is an Uncalibrated mV sensor. The complete datasheet is attached, and so is the particular page concerning this sensor. Anyways, the project I am attaching it too has an Atmega328 as the microcontroller. I want to know how to use this particular sensor just like the schematic says. (Wiring it straight to the Analog 0 pin on the Atmega). But the doc mentions a Sensor Interface Negative Output and a Positive Excitation. Am I just supposed to use two Analog pins and just compare the difference between it?

If you could help create an equation to apply after I get the differential value to turn that into a readable PSI value I would appreciate it. The docs don't mention a min and max value so I am not sure what to do without testing it, but I cannot do that without a circuit. THANK YOU!!!!!!



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This sensor per datasheet is a digital serial out sensor, not analog, so
just a 3 wire connection, GND, PWR, and a digital input pin of your
choosing on Atmega since you will be coding the incoming stream
for the pin you choose.

Regards, Dana.