13.56Mhz quartz crystal oscillator

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Attached is the circuit I built and which I'm trying to get 23dbm or 200 milliwaters of power at the output. Where I have c3 = 200p,c2=50p, and c1 = 47p cause L1 has a reactance of 250ohms and using the resonant frequency formula we get 47p for the tuner cap. Also I have 27 turns on the toroid since I'm using the t37-2 toroid, and have 12 on the secondary since I'm trying to make the 250 ohm look like 50 ohm on the output. With all that said I am not getting 23dbm but 17dbm. Can someone point me in the right direction of my problem.



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Not sure your approach is exactly the right one. Ignoring the transistor's contribution, the impedance across the tank circuit is not necessarily 250 ohms because it is a parallel tuned resonant circuit. I

I guess that your transformer's impedance ratio is not optimum.


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I do miss the feed back xtal should be between collector and base creating @ its freq 180 deg phase shift.
with one damping resistor parallel and one cap serial. This could swing collector voltage between 0 and V power depending on damping and surrounding resistors( base, collector emitter).