12vdc to 24vac module

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Hi guys,

It's been decades since I've done this so helping a little help to jog my brain cells. I have this module where I put in 12VDC (from solar panel) and trying to get 24VAC out 60Hz. I get 12VAC at 60Hz output. (yes pic says 50Hz but adjusted to 60Hz) I put 150ohm 5W resistors at the output terminals (+DC center output is common to both 150ohm resistors) to see the waveform. What do I need to do to get the 24VAC out? Note low power eg 10W usage expected. I think I'm not understanding MOSFET correctly or something.

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I'd guess it's for driving a center tapped transformer winding. Both "hot" outputs
are switched from the same +12 input (alternately).

Why there are 3 power devices is strange (could see 2, one for each "output").

Possibly one is a polarity checking input diode? (or fet?)


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Why would you expect 24 VAC ? This chip is where it all begins. Page 2/12 of the link is what the chip outputs. There are alternating pulses of 0 to 12 Volts DC. Those outputs are driving your 12 Volt 300 Watt module is a GZF 1801 inverter boost module, a pair of MOSFETs. That output of alternating 12 VDC pulses would in turn drive your transformer the output of which, would result in a 220 Volt square wave. The driving signal is a push/pull configuration and at no time do I see 24 VAC. The end result is driving a 12 volt CT (Center Tapped) transformer to get 120/240 volt square wave output.



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What do I need to do to get the 24VAC out?
What transformer are you using? It needs a transformer to step up the voltage and you will probably have to make your own. Not aware of any 12V to 24V, off the shelf transformers. And the 12V primary needs to be center tapped, like the one shown in the lower right corner of your picture.

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